Monday, October 20, 2008

Run - Madhavan - Tamil Movie - Watch Online for Free

Movie: Run
Cast: Madhavan, Meera Jasmine, Vivek, Raghuvaran
Music: Vidyasagar
Director: Linguswamy
Release Year: 2002
Language: Tamil

Watch Run - Full Tamil Movie Online for Free

Madhavan comes to Chennai to continue his studies. He meets Meera and falls in love with her. Only after Meera warns Madhavan to stop his love by using her brother’s Atul Kulkarni's influence of willpowers and his way of idealising himself as a ‘big shot’, does Madhavan becomes very self certain that his love will become successful. She warns Madhavan that her brother is a gangster. Thereafter it immediately becomes, as glacial imperviousness that Madhavan will not let go off his love. it's after the infringe of cunning setups and many oppositions that he realises to make true progressions to his love; he relentlessly works both physically and mentally, to portray his love as inevitable, as he tricks Meera’s brother. Her brother, however, still believes that he can separate their love by setting his men on Madhavan, but Madhavan beats them up. And soon Meera too starts loving him. Finally Madhavan elopes with Meera and how he overcomes the brother's opposition forms the story

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