Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Raja - Ajith Kumar, Jyothika - Watch online, Download

Movie: Raja
Cast: Ajith, Jyothika, Manthra, Priyanka Trivedi
Music: S.A.RajKumar
Director: Ezhil
Release Year: 2002

Part 1

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Part 2

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It is a love triangle with the first part set in an urban college ambience, and the second half shifting to the village. Priya (Jyotika) falls for Raja from the neighbouring college and uses Priya Mahalakshmi her college-mate (Priyanka Trivedi) who happens to be Raja's neighbour. But the confusion in the names of the two girls, and the confused way in which the shy, timid Mahalakshmi delivers the message, makes Raja mistakenly think that Mahalakshmi loved him, and he woos the girl aggressively. But before the matter can reach a conclusion, Mahalakshmi meets a violent end at the hands of a college rowdy and villain Bhavani (Sonu). Bhavani who does what all college rowdies do in our films - eve-teasing, molesting, kidnapping and generally making a nuisance of themselves - turns his attention on Mahalakshmi and she becomes a victim of his vengeance against Raja.

Since it is the same villain who is the common enemy for all the lead characters in the film, it is now Priya's turn to be harassed by Bhavani. Being forced into an unwanted marriage with him, Priya runs away from home, and takes refuge with Raja at his village house, passing herself as a girl in distress. Raja, of course, having never seen her before is oblivious of her feelings for him and her motive in entering his house. And even after she comes out with her story of her one-sided love for him, the grieving hero is reluctant to reciprocate. But all that changes when Bhavani re-enters the scene. Bhavani forces his attention on Priya and Raja is now forced to do the rescue act. Needless to add, the duo get back together.

"Raja" boasts of a handsome star cast, but it's hardly enough to salvage the film. Looks-wise Priyanka Trivedi may not quite be one's idea of a naive, orthodox Brahmin girl with the nickname of 'Thayir Saadam' in the film (reminds you of Abitha's role in 'Sethu'). But her fast changing expressions are delightful. Jyotika has never looked so glamorous and so good. Arvind's camera has caught her very flatteringly.

In his earlier films Ajit played the lover-boy and then switched over to action and 'rowdy' roles in his recent films. That didn't work out either, and with 'Raja' Ajit is back to the college-campus and romance. But if the script is uninspiring and mediocre, and the narration lackadaisical, there's not much a hero can do, whether he's playing a lover-boy or a rowdy!

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