Sunday, June 13, 2010

Magane en Marumagane-Watch Online for free

Movie: Magane en Marumagane-Watch Online for free
Starring: Raghav, Vivek, Nasser, Saranya, Thenmozhi, Yamini Sharma, Livingston.
Direction: T.P. Gajendran
Music: Dheena
Release Year:2010

A rich couple, the good-natured Nasser and the affable Saranya are attempted to con by Vivek and Paravai Muniamma. The plan is to marry Nasser’s daughter Yamini and siphon the couple off their assets. The plan succeeds eventually, but

before it could be executed in full, Vivek lands in the prison on murder charges that he never committed. Nasser expends his wealth on Vivek and brings him back from the prison after which Vivek and Yamini move to greener pastures in search of better fortunes.

After being relieved of their earnings and without support from their son either, the couple become wanderers. Vivek, having turned around his fortunes, now sets out in search of his long last in-laws. In the meanwhile, Saranya meets with an accident and is declared brain dead. Her son Mithun is admitted for issues related to heart disease and needs an organ transplant. Now it’s up to Nasser to decide whether to grant his son forgiveness and allow his wife’s organs to be donated.

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