Saturday, July 4, 2009

Vyapari-Tamil DVD Movie-Watch Online for free

Movie:Vyapari-Tamil DVD Movie-Watch Online for free
Cast:S J Suryah, Tamanna, Malavika, Namitha
Direction:Sakthi Chidambaram
Release Year:2007

The movie revolves around Suryaprakash (Suryah), a successful businessman, who wants to become the richest in the world. Admired by the likes of Azi Premji and Bill Gates, Suryaprakash his time and energy to achieve his dreams. He is forced to spend all his time looking after over 300 business institutions that he runs without even bothering about his family. He comes across Savithiri (Tamanna), a journalist, who wants to write an article about him. Then there is a model Malavika and an air hostess Namitha. All the three admires Suryaprakash. Sequence of events leads to Suryaprakash marries Savithri. Suryaprakash finds it difficult to balance between the business and family. He comes across with a different idea. He decides to make his own clone and seeks the help of a scientist Stephen Raj (Nasser). His clone is made and how it brings in a change in his life and attitude forms the crux.

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