Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vicky - Chiyan Vikram - Tamil Movie - Watch Online

Cast :Chiyan Vikram,'O Podu' Rani
Director :N.H. Chandra
Producer :Mrs. Palguni Vijayakumar
Music Director:Vidyasagar
Dialogue :Shantakumar

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Vicky, the spoilt son of a leading lawyer meets Vijaya, in his collage. They both keep clashing with each other, however after a point of time Vicky falls in love with Vijaya, but Vijaya keeps resenting. To win Vijaya’s love Vicky plays a trick, he blows out of proportion the stomach ache
he gets and makes everybody believe that he has got cancer. On his fathers insistences and taking pity on him Vijaya agrees to act as if she loves Vicky, just to make him happy till he is alive. Will the truth be revealed? Will Vijaya finally accept Vicky? The film takes you through the answers for all these questions.

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