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Vijay tv - Kana Kanum Kalangal

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Vijay TV - Kana Kanum Kalangal

12 th standard :

Bala Team

Bala: An energetic young boy who is physically very strong. Hates the word 'fear'. Excels in sports but disinterested in studies. He is the biggest hope of the school in all the inter-school sports events.

Joe: He speaks in a poetic manner and is considered as the modern day tamil Shakespeare. His ambition: To be a world-renowned playwright but his family wants him to be a successful professional.

Patchai: Highly intelligent boy with good academic performance. But suffers from deep inferiority complex due to his financial and social background. This makes him an introvert and takes him to a closed shell.

Pandi ( Pandiyan): Hails from Tirunelvelli. Father owns a departmental store and hence there is no trouble for money. Has studied the maximum in his family (10th STD). Speaks in Tirunelvelli slang.

Raghavi: Friendly, calm and mature, Raghavi has lost her family in Tsunami and has been adopted by Sanghavi's parents. Very affectionate towards her adoptive parents and Sanghavi even though Sanghavi hates her. Also a studious girl who comes first in school, she wins all her friends' hearts with her kind and sweet nature.

Vineeth team

Vineet: Extremely handsome, he has got many offers for modeling. He can make anyone fall for him with his oratory skills. he is the idol for the English medium students.

Krish(Krishna): Nicknamed as 'Krish' by his friends. He does not understand the true value of love as he has been deprived of his mother's love. He is rebellious in nature and at a certain point, he gets into taking drugs too!

Rishi: Techno savvy, he has the capability to bring about a major technological advancement but does not use his talent wisely. Always on the lookout for making fun of his teachers using his technical knowledge.

Unni: Smart and rich... He comes from an extremely rich family. His father works in Dubai and sends in a lot of money. Well, he is also known to be a 'jollu' by nature!

Sanghavi: She is extremely possessive in nature. If she loves someone she would love from the depth of her heart, and if she hates someone, that hatred will take her to such a level where she would not flinch from doing anything and everything. She hates Raghavi, her sister for several reasons and this is how her relationship with Raghavi begins.

11 th standard:

Rocky team

Tom (alias) Thomas: A very smart and intelligent fellow. His parents are doctors and Tom is a bright student and has big aims in life.

Aadhi: Coming from an orthodox Brahmin community, Aadhi’s dad is a prophet and he speaks Tamil with a proper Brahmin slang. Because of his sweet nature no one raises his or her voice on Aadhi.

Rocky: A short-tempered guy. Coming from a wealthy family, Rocky is the only student in school spotted with a credit card. Due to some family problem, Rocky lives with his grand parents.

Sri team

Lingu (alias) Ganesa Lingam: Does not have mother. After the death of Lingu’s mother, his dad seldom speaks to anyone. So it is Lingu who does the entire household work including cooking. He is very anxious to speak to his dad and wishes to have those happy days back in his life.

Sriram (alias) SriSriram (alias) Sri: Extremely cheerful with a happy-go-lucky attitude. His father has 2 wives and he is the second wife's son. He has come across many family problems. His stepsister dislikes him and both the families often quarrel which upsets him at times.

Madan : Belongs to the Sullan group. L(o)ives to lie. He has a complex about his looks. But suffers from inferiority complex as he feels that he does not possess great looks. Like Unni, he is a 'jollu' by nature!

Sullan: Has a habit of addressing everyone ‘boss’. Black Pandi is his cousin brother and Sullan’s dad runs a restaurant. One great talent that Sullan possess is mimicry. He can mime any character after speaking to them for just a little duration.

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